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PROBLEM: Moisture Moisture gets into lights damaging them so they have to be replaced every 3-5 yrs.
OUR SOLUTION: With our patent-pending process, our lights are completely waterproof!

PROBLEM: Corrosion Salt from the ocean, fertilizers, air, and chlorinated water can damage lights over time causing corrosion.
OUR SOLUTION: Our lights are equipped with cast bronze housing, the choice of sculptors for centuries, with a patina finish to give a beautiful aged look.

PROBLEM: Stability Most landscape lights are designed with a single stake to hold them in the ground. Because of the weight of the light a single stake allows it to lean and tip, especially in softer soils.
OUR SOLUTION: Our stainless steel, knurled, triple stake technology, prevents movement. A stabilizer block for extra stability is also available for our path lights.

PROBLEM: High Maintenance Many landscape lights use a great deal of energy and are short lived requiring bulb changes which are a hassle, take time, and cost money. Incandesced lights burn off 90% of their energy in heat and only 10% of their energy is used to produce light.
OUR SOLUTION: LED technology that allows for stronger light output and greater energy savings. With projections upwards of 75,000 hours of running time, our lights are longer-lasting and use 75% less energy than the typical landscape light. Other LED lights may last a long time but the fixtures they are housed in will break down sooner—ours won't! Our natural daylight and warm color options make our lights unique in the LED industry.

PROBLEM: Debris Leaves, bark, and dirt can build up over time covering the light output and requiring regular maintenance.
OUR SOLUTION: Our debris free lens does not allow debris to enter the light cavity ensuring the quality of light output.

PROBLEM: Loss of Adjustment Many landscape lights on the market today are poorly designed allowing fixtures to lose their position over time.
OUR SOLUTION: Our easy to use (tool free), heavy-duty shark tooth knuckle keeps our lights in place.

PROBLEM: Installation Headaches Well light installation requires digging a hole which can damage tree roots and allow water to pool.
OUR SOLUTION: Our (well-less) well lights require no digging; their stakes grip the ground allowing for easy installation.

PROBLEM: Voltage Drop As light fixtures are installed further from the transformer, light output weakens resulting in a different output of light from one fixture to the next.
OUR SOLUTION: Built in to each fixture, our Buck Boost System equalizes the light output from the first to the last fixture on each circuit.

PROBLEM: Poor Connectors Poor quality connectors allow for corrosion and failure.
Our industrial grade lighting connectors have a 3 foot under water rating.

PROBLEM: Quality Control Products made overseas do not allow for the oversight of quality control and certain shipment deadlines.
OUR SOLUTION: Night Tide Lighting products are made in the USA.

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